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Welcome to Great Walls Supply!

We offer classes in wall finishing, high end plaster, decorative painting and furniture painting and refinishing.  We are proud to sell and support many quality products that will enhance your customer's homes and businesses.

New! Paint Couture! Glaze Couture! Lacquer Couture! are user friendly products for painting, glazing and topcoating furniture and cabinets.  Made in USA and tinted right here in Charlotte at our studio.  Stop by to see all the colors!  Visit  Made in USA!

Mythic Paint is in stock and ready for us to tint your colors.  This paint is zero VOC, non-toxic, safe for chidlren, pets and the environment and has great coverage.  This is the paint to use if you want to be kind to your family and the environment.  It is available in many sheen levels from flat to semi-gloss. Made in USA!

Crescent Bronze Metallic Paints offer brilliant metallics with great one coat coverage.  there are over 100 colors made with real metal powder as well as a Pearlescent line richly made with mica.  There are many bases available from Latex to Enamel.  Our favorite is Extra Brilliant Aluminum, it will dazzle you!  Stop by and see samples and ask for a color card.  Made in USA!